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Do the Locomotion

Good morning, good friends, and welcome back to Whatcha Been Playing? You join me at the end of a difficult and emotionally taxing week and, in a bid to get away from it all for even a short while, I am currently on a choo-choo-train, heading out of town for a brief change of scenery and socials. I hope that your week has been good to you and yours, and that this weekend brings you a lot of joy and happiness.

And if you’re similarly struggling, it’s ok. Sometimes you aren’t winning the race, but the track is long, and we’re all cheering you on from the sidelines. So just ease off the pace, and go easy on yourself. You’ll get there. However your week has been, you’re very welcome here, among the greatest community in gaming. Now let’s have at it.


Aside from bouncing around some old standards, I started the week out with the Diablo IV beta. Having put over 1000 hours into Diablo III, I’ll admit there was part of me that was hoping I’d lost the love — after all, I’m pretty ram-packed with work these days and, with Street Fighter 6 launching in June, my free time is about to get busier. Unfortunately, I had a great time with the beta, and thus I’m wondering if my “all class completion, all difficulties, all achievements” ways are set to return. I’m going to blame Lillith, whose terrifyingly seductive nature is attempting to win me over to great effect. Frankly, I’m glad I’m out of town today, or I know where the whole of Saturday would be going.

Brimfire & Betas

And so, as we get Saturday morning underway I most certainly want to hear Whatcha Been Playing? Having written this article over 200 Saturdays in a row, you’d think that it would be something of chore, but perish the thought. It means the world to me that you have shown out and will keep showing out — sharing your thoughts on your gaming experiences with myself and the community. We hit a mighty 300+ comments last week for the first time in a while. This made me very happy. And in a week like this one, I will take all of the happiness you have to offer. So jump into the comments and have at it, then be sure to make the rest of today work for you. You deserve it.

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

Chris Moyse

Senior Editor – Chris has been playing video games since the 1980s and writing about them since the 1880s. Graduated from Galaxy High with honors. Twitter: @ChrisxMoyse

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