Hogwarts Legacy Players Have Spent More Than 400 Million Hours In The Game As it Surpasses Elden Ring’s Lifetime Sales in UK and More

It has been more than a month since Hogwarts Legacy released and the craze behind the title has still not died down. From mods to players fits and so much more, the game continues to be a talking point on social media. Those unfamiliar with the game can check out IGN India’s review on the Portkey Games-developed title.

Hogwarts Legacy Player Have Spent More Than 400 Million Hours in the Game

Since it has been a month since the game released, the developers recently showcased some statistics for players to see. According to a new Twitter post, players have spent 406 million hours in the game. Moreover, additional stats state that 674 million magical plants have been grown, 405 million potions have been brewed and a whopping 2.25 billion Dark Wizards have been defeated.

Hogwarts Legacy Surpasses Elden Ring’s Lifetime Sales in the United Kingdom

A report by GameIndustry.Biz states that Hogwarts Legacy has now crossed Elden Ring’s lifetime sales in the United Kingdom. This is the fifth week the title has come first in the weekly sales charts, even after the 31% week-on-week decrease.

Elden Ring, the game of the year for 2022, has only been surpassed in sales by FIFA 23, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, GTA 5 and LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga prior to Hogwarts Legacy’s release. It has also been reported that Hogwarts Legacy will cross the numbers set by LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga by the end of this week.

Hogwarts Legacy Silences Ignatia Wildsmith Sneakily

In other news, a recent change in the latest update has caught players by surprise. Hogwarts Legacy’s latest patch fixes a lot of stuff, but a specific change was not mentioned in patch notes. However, players didn’t take time to figure it out. After the latest update, players have observed that Ignatia Wildsmith, the person renowned for creating Floo Powder, has had her lines reduced.

Floo Powder is the method used for fast travelling in the game and these are found at specific spots on the map. Every spot is located next to a bust of Ignatia Wildsmith’s face and she is famous for having lines boasting about her skills, every time the players used it. This change was not specified in the patch notes, but fast travel is such a frequently used system in the game, that players took no time to figure it out.

Furthermore, Chandler Wood, Avalanche Software’s Community Director tweeted out that this change was not mentioned in the patch notes. The change stated, “Reduced the frequency of Ignatia Wildsmith’s lines (a significant reduction), so while travel is definitely more convenient with Floo powder, you won’t have to hear about it constantly”.

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