13 Pokémon TCG Card Art Sets That Tell Amazing Stories

Ralts, Kirlia and Gardevoir.

Image: The Pokémon Company / Kotaku

Much like the very first page of this slideshow, this forthcoming set from the first Scarlet & Violet cards depicts a family growing older with a particular Pokémon. And similarly to the tale of Tepig to Emboar, the journey from Ralts, through Kirlia, to Gardevoir, sees a family in three generations.

Things start with a young couple moving into their new home, unpacking boxes, while a Ralts watches from the couch. Jump to Kirlia and now that same couple has had a child. The mother sits on the (reupholstered) couch with the baby in her arms, her partner bringing bowls of food in from the kitchen, with Kirlia staring in fascination at the new child. There’s even a plush Ralts on the floor, amongst the baby’s toys!

By the time their Pokémon has evolved into Gardevoir, the couple are much older, the child perhaps grown up and moved out? There are photos on the wall of them all together, as well as children’s drawings of the Kirlia, and that Ralts plush still seems to be around, now an ornament on the side. Gardevoir is holding balls of yarn for the older woman as she knits, while the older man laughs next to a coffee table, complete with coffees and cafetiere. Oh, and now they have an indoor lemon tree?

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