Halo Infinite Teases Season 3 With New Trailer Showcasing Upcoming Maps, Battle Pass, and More

After a ton of waiting following the release of Season 2, Halo Infinite players will finally be receiving the corresponding season in a few days.

Titled “Echoes Within”, Season 3 of the 343 Industries-developed title will introduce a ton of new content to players. To drive up the content update’s hype, the developers recently unveiled a new trailer showcasing what fans can expect to see with the new Season.

Dubbed the game’s biggest multiplayer update so far, Season 3 will offer a ton of new cosmetics, as part of the 100-level Battle Pass that players can purchase. With a wide variety of accessories, players can have their Spartans decked out, before taking them to battle.

When it comes to multiplayer additions, the upcoming Season will introduce a new Big Team Battle map called Oasis with a ton of vehicular combat. Furthermore, there’s are two new Arena maps called Cliffhanger and Chasm as well.

In the weapons department, Season 3 will debut the M392 Bandit, which is a powerful DMR that fans may remember from previous titles of the series. A new equipment called the Shroud Screen will also be part of the game’s arsenal as well.

Finally, a Halo: Master Chief Collection special also makes its way to the franchise’s latest title, as popular mode Escalation Slayer joins the game’s playlist. The mode gives players new weapons, every time they kill someone in the game.

Halo Infinite Season 3: Echoes Within debuts on March 7.

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