Check out another gameplay livestream for Grim Guardians: Demon Purge

Grim Guardians: Demon Purge is right around the corner! The game is set to release on February 23rd, 2023, and in advance of the game’s arrival, Inti Creates has shared another lengthy round of gameplay. This time around, we get a stream from the North American side of things, and it includes some Q&A with the team!

Grim Guardians: Demon Purge will center around two demon-hunting sisters named Shinobu Kamizono and Maya Kamizono. Shinobu and Maya are students who, upon returning to school, find a demonic castle in its place. The two must use their different abilities to fight their way through the castle’s different challenges and bosses. Artwork of the two characters can be seen in the gallery below.

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