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Silver Dollar Games rides again

Yesterday, some Xbox fans were shocked to spot a message on the Xbox Marketplace that suggested that Microsoft was getting set to close down every element of the Xbox 360 Marketplace, from its massive game DLC library, to its demos, avatars, wallpapers, and other aesthetic content.

“We will be closing the Xbox 360 Marketplace over the next year,” read the Marketplace support page, as spotted by Reddit user Gpro2005, “We encourage you to purchase any 360 games or DLC by May 2023.” Clicking said message would then transfer the reader to a different page entirely, listing the 46 titles that are being removed from sale next week.

However, speaking with The Verge, Xbox global marketing manager Bree Adams has confirmed that the Xbox 360 Marketplace is not, in fact, shutting down this May. Citing that the original message was posted “in error” Adams does reiterate that the listed 46 titles are being removed from sale as of February 7, but the remainder of the Xbox 360 Marketplace catalog will remain online.

Regardless, it’s a pretty intriguing error to make, given the definitiveness of the message, complete with a timeframe. Hopefully, we can chalk this one down to crossed wires and blurred communication. You can check out our previous report for a full list of the games that will be removed from the Xbox 360 Marketplace on February 7.

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