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This is an update on an active project to upgrade the Fremont, CA data center. This upgrade will expand the capacity of compute resources and enable additional products and services in a new facility named, Santa Clara, CA. At the project’s conclusion, Fremont’s location will be retired and everything will be migrated to the Santa Clara location.

Starting as early as 1/23/2023, customers deploying new resources in Fremont could be automatically routed to the Santa Clara facility. Customers with existing resources in Fremont will be contacted via a Support Ticket in the coming weeks about deployment options as we transition fully to the new facility.

Data Center Improvements

In addition to capacity and network improvements in the US-WEST region, once fully opened, Santa Clara will support:

  • VLANs to enable private layer 2 networking for secure communications between Linodes;
  • NVMe Block Storage to attach highly-available and performant storage volumes to your infrastructure; and
  • IP Sharing and support for IPv6 enabling failover and the ability to reroute traffic to a secondary environment.

Information for Fremont Users

As we transition to the Santa Clara data center, there are a few changes that will be implemented for this location:

If your deployment is routed to the Santa Clara facility as this data center becomes available and requires any of the features referenced above, please open a Support Ticket.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Support. We’re always here to help.

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