Krafton Share Price Takes a Hit After the Callisto Protocol Failed to Meet Investor Targets; PUBG Gets a New Update

Following its release in December 2022, Striking Distance Studios’ The Callisto Protocol underperformed than most people expected.

The horror title seemed to have the formula for hitting it out of the park. However, the game failed to capture audiences’ hearts with its gameplay and visuals. And the underperformance seems to have also affected the stock price of publishers, Krafton severely.

According to Korean media publication MK Odyssey (via Eurogamer), companies like “Daishin Securities, Samsung Securities, Shinhan Securities, KIWOOM Securities, Korea Investment & Securities, and Hyundai Motor Securities have lowered their target stock prices of Krafton from last month to early this month.”

With Krafton shelling a ton of money on the game’s production, it’s understandable to see why investors are lowering share prices, as the game failed to meet their expectations. In the end, it’s fair to say that The Callisto Protocol might fall in the flop category for the South Korean gaming giants.

PUBG new update sees the introduction of Blizzard Zone to Vikendi, and more

While Krafton messed up a bit with The Callisto Protocol, it can’t say the same with its hit Battle Royale title, PUBG. The developers recently unveiled Update 21.2, which features a myriad of new additions.

The biggest change takes place in Vikendi, as the developers add a new Blizzard Zone to the map. Once players enter the Blizzard Zone, they move slowly, and they will also be receiving small amounts of damage per second as well. Other than that, “sight and soundplay will be hindered,” while controlling vehicles become harder as well.

The map also features new Secret Rooms, where you can find high value items. To open these Rooms, players will need to get a Security Key, which spawns in Vikendi. The developers have also introduced three repair kits, which allows you to completely repair Helmet, Armor and Vehicles.

To know more about the other major changes to the game with Update 21.2, check out the official patch notes.

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