PUBG Mobile Version 2.4 Update With Martial Showdown Event Out Along With New Bruce Lee Collaboration and Tribute Teaser

PUBG Mobile’s latest update, 2.4, includes a new event, map, gameplay updates, and cosmetics. The update also marks the start of a collaboration with Bruce Lee, featuring a limited-time martial arts-themed event with new skins and outfits. The event will start on January 10.

The update introduces the Martial Arts Arena, featuring multiple arenas, with half accessible to players at all times and the rest locked until the countdown ends.

Players will also be able to participate in a new gameplay mode called Back For Honor. In this game mode, players can attempt to eliminate their targets and earn rewards. If they fail, the targeted player will receive the reward.

New features are also getting introduced in PUBG Mobile, such as the Player Launcher and Tactical Camouflage and supply crates. There are also improvements to Trace, and the update will be available on the Erangel and Livik maps from January 15 to March 12, 2023.

Premium Firearms and Armor Packs will also become available in Metro Royale Black Market, as well as a Gallery feature to view special traits, and increased resistance for Advanced Vests to partially withstand explosive damage.

PUBG Mobile collaborates with Bruce Lee

The 2.4 update includes the martial arts-themed area in celebration of the Bruce Lee collaboration. Krafton also released a teaser video for the game mode. It also brings new vehicles and items to the game, including the Dancing Lion vehicle and the Explosive Bow and Grappling Hook weapons. Players can also find and destroy Blessing Kites and Lanterns to obtain supplies, and can consume Kung Fu Steamed Buns to restore Energy and Health.

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