When is Payday 3 going to be released?

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Publisher Prime Matter, in association with developers Starbreeze Studios and Overkill Software, have started off their 2023 with a bang — a block of C4, to be precise — with an update on the long-awaited multiplayer sequel Payday 3, which will be donning masks and raiding vaults later in 2023.

The studios released a short teaser video, debuting the shooter sequel’s logo but sadly devoid of any actual in-game footage. Regardless, it was announced that Payday 3 would be launching on PC (via Steam) and unspecified console platforms later this year, in news that will no doubt cause a lot of itchy trigger fingers among veteran heisters. A new FAQ reveals that the title will be set in New York, and will see the return of gang members Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, and Wolf.

“There probably are a lot of questions about Payday 3 that you want to ask, and while we can’t answer all of them (yet!) we want to share a space where the community can talk about anything Payday 3 as we get closer to launch,” said Starbreeze brand director Almir Listo in a new statement. “On that note, we’ve opened up the Steam Community Hub, so we can start using its discussion board. If you have a question you’ve been wondering about, ask it there and we’ll do our best to answer!”

“If you are new to Payday and the art of robbing banks and getting paid, we wish you a very special welcome! Any questions you might have, feel free to ask any of the veteran Payday heisters in the community or speak to us developers […] it’s time to bring your old crew back together, and dust off your finest masks — because this is the year of Payday 3!”

It has been a long and turbulent road to the series’ second sequel, hindered by a slew of financial and legal issues at Starbreeze Studios. A huge cash injection by Koch Media would ultimately allow production to continue, and this coming year will finally see Payday 3 hit the streets after its extremely troubled development cycle. It’s hard not to see the title as a do-or-die situation for Starbreeze, so here’s hoping that the final release will, ultimately, break the bank.

Payday 3 will launch in 2023 on PC (via Steam) and unspecified console platforms.

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