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Get Very Metal this winter

Epic Games Store is continuing its rollout of free video games for each and every day of the holidays, today’s offering — still available for a few more hours — is dark action RPG Mortal Shell, which all users can download direct from the EGS dashboard.

Developed by Cold Symmetry and launched on PC and console platforms in 2020, Mortal Shell is fantasy adventure that takes extreme pride in its highly challenging, melee-focused combat. Inspired by the much-loved Dark Souls franchise, the development team set out to make a similarly toned adventure where every single swing of the blade mattered, where life and death rest on the edge of one right (or wrong) decision in the heat of battle, and where swift adaptation to each enemy is the key to victory.

In Mortal Shell, players can inhabit the bodies (or “mortal shells”) of the deceased, gaining access to their skills, weapons, and abilities. As such, the combat in the game has a natural evolution, as the player passes from body to body, learning new skills on the fly and adapting to the reconfiguration of their offensive and defensive maneuvers. Mortal Shell received plaudits on release for its smart combat and compelling challenge, with many noting that its unabashed love of the FromSoftware titles was readily apparent, with some reviewers noting that it felt like playing Dark Souls for the first time all over again.

Mortal Shell is available to download for free from Epic Games Store. It is also available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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