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Could you be the next Original Starla?

The Guilty Gear franchise is renowned for its bizarre arsenal of stylish weaponry, from Faust’s 10-foot scalpel to Ino’s satanic shredder, but perhaps one of the most ingenious tools belongs to the delightful young bounty hunter Bridget, in the form of her trick-shot-tastic Bullet Yo-Yo.

And, if you fancy taking an eye or two out yourself, then hobby crafter SpinGear has you covered, as the Japanese yo-yo specialist is now taking pre-orders on an exceptionally cool-looking replica of Bridget’s weapon of choice. The “Full Metal Bridget Mini Yo-Yo” is an authentic (if smaller) replica of our girl’s face-flicker, faithfully recreating the six-shooter style of its casing and cast in solid metal.

Check out the ace toy/death dealer in action in this official video, complete with Bridget cosplay!

So if you fancy picking one up, hurting yourself, and realizing you’re just as terrible with the yo-yo now as you were with that Coca-Cola one in 1991, then head on over to the official YOYOSHOP SPINGEAR website, where you can pre-order the Full Metal Bridget Yo-Yo for ¥44,000 or… erm… $330 USD… Well, if that seems a little on the pricey side for you, then a far simpler design is also expected in January, priced at a somewhat cheaper ¥4,400, or $32.

“We understand pre-order expensive yoyo feels little scary.” explains the website. Yer-darn-tootin’. But, hey, you can’t put a price on knocking mum’s favorite vase off the mantle.

Guilty Gear Strive is available now on PlayStation and PC platforms. An Xbox port arrives spring 2023.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our previous report on this cute Bridget fan animation.

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