How to Manage Your Game Engine

Presented by Perforce

Unreal Engine has a longstanding built-in integration with Perforce
Helix Core, with new features and integration points constantly being
added. If you have yet to integrate these essential game development
tools, learn how Perforce Streams can help you to seamlessly manage the
integration. Learn how.

Game development studios looking to take advantage of the latest
features in Unreal Engine 5 need to upgrade. But just like any upgrade,
it takes time. Testing the update against the codebase can halt
development. For teams with multiple releases, it means supporting
various versions of the game engine.

To seamlessly manage the Unreal Engine integration, leading studios choose Perforce Streams.

Streams is the branching mechanism in Helix Core — the game development
standard for version control. But it does so much more. Streams allows
studios to version, test, and even customize Unreal source code, while
developers keep working. It can simplify upgrades while keeping code
quality high.

Learn how you can optimize your integration. As our experts discuss how to:

  • Set up Perforce Streams to manage Unreal Engine.
  • Version your game engine alongside source code.
  • Integrate upgrades without slowing teams down.
  • Support previous versions of Unreal Engine.

Speaker bios:

  • Robert
    is a Principal Consultant at Perforce. He has long specialized in
    Configuration Management and improving software development practices
    across enterprises. He is an expert on DevOps and is on the committee
    (formerly Chair) of the British Computer Society Specialist Group for
    Change, Configuration and Release Management. In his spare time he runs a
    dojo in the Japanese martial art of Aikido.
  • Matt Torkington
    is a Technical Consultant for Perforce Software. Since 1998 Matt has
    been helping customers around the world implement tools and processes
    that provide the best outcome for projects and teams. He holds numerous
    certifications, including being a Scaled Agile Framework Practitioner.

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