December Patch Notes Include New Mode, Map and More

New State Mobile is getting an update this December which will bring a whole host of new things. The list of new additions to the game includes a new game mode, a new RDM map, and more. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the new game as per a recent announcement from Krafton.

New game mode: Siege Mode

The beta version of the Siege Mode.

Krafton has added the beta version of the new Siege Mode to New State Labs. This mode will take place in Troi’s Graveyard, and one can have up to four players in their team. Players will have to defend the inhibitor and their allies against incoming androids. If your team successfully survives through a phase, a new phase will begin where stronger enemies will spawn.

If the inhibitor takes damage, the blue zone will shrink. The inhibitor can be partially repaired by getting close to it, however. If all players die on your team, the game will end.

Improvements to Troi terrain

The new terrain on Troi.

Krafton has made some improvements to Troi’s terrains. Players can now hide, aim, and fight at will as finding cover near the road is now easier. The terrain now has cliffs, pits, and rocks to nearby roads of nine different areas around Troi.

New State Mobile Deathmatch Mode updates

Deathmatch Mode in New State Mobile.

The TDM-exclusive Station is now available in Round Deathmatch. Players will have to win four rounds to come out on top, as three blue zones will inflict more damage than normal. Only one Smoke Grenade and one Poison Gas Grenade will be given to players in this mode.

Other in-game updates

There are changes to Akinta’s battle royale rules. After redeployment, players will get a P1911, 30 .45 ACP ammos, and one Smoke Grenade.

Krafton has also added modified hairstyles and facial hair for the character models in this update. The update also brings improvements to radio messages, and now all players will receive new radio messages by default.

As for “out-game updates,” new daily and weekly clan missions will be added to the game in this update. Additionally, the update will introduce a support game in the Survival Pass section. This will help players level up the Pass faster. It is only available for Premium and Premium Plus Pass players. Moreover, the pass can now be gifted to friends.

Survivor Pass Volume 14 features Red from Product Justice. Players can get the Red “appearance” by completing story missions. The Project Justice Red outfit set can be obtained by upgrading to Premium Pass.

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