Riot Games Unveils Nonprofit Candidates Including 3 Indian Organizations for Its $6 Million Social Impact Fund

Riot Games has unveiled a list of 84 nonprofits from 28 regions for players to vote and choose to be the recipients of the company’s Social Impact Fund.

The popular video game company raised funds from players of its titles through initiatives such as the Give Back Bundle in Valorant, which allowed players to purchase cosmetics, with most of the proceeds going to the Social Impact Fund.

In the end, Riot Games has collected $6 million that it wants to give to charities across the world, and players now have the chance to select the cause that receives the most.

From December 12 to December 22, players can vote through Riot Games for nonprofits in 28 regions. Each region has three recipients, with the highest vote-getter receiving 50% of the funds allocated to the region, while the remaining two equally receiving 25%

Players can vote for nonprofits present in your region or the region closest to you. You can only cast your vote once, so you better make sure you are supporting the one that matters the most.

Out of the 84 candidates, three of them will compete for the Indian charity pool. This includes:

  1. Mann Deshi Foundation for Gender Equality: This nonprofit focuses on empowering female entrepreneurs across the nation with access to knowledge and financial support.
  2. The Opentree Foundation for Mental Health: The foundation helps tackle the mental needs and wants of at-risk kids by setting up play centers and workshops with games, toys and more.
  3. Teach for India for Education: The Teach for India initiative helps children from low-income communities to receive educational support from the young and talent talents in India, who play the role of full-time teachers..

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