Disco Elysium Studio Is Teasing Some News Coming Soon

Surreal detective RPG Disco Elysium was one of last year’s big independent hits. Now, it looks like the team behind the murder-mystery is teasing whatever is next from them.

The Disco Elysium website has been wiped clean and replaced with one static image. On top of a stark red background sits a logo, an upside-down star with a pair of antlers, and the word “soon.”

It’s unclear what developer ZA/UM could be up to, though there are a few ideas you can speculate. The Nintendo Switch version of Disco Elysium is still yet to arrive, and earlier this year, there was a report of a Disco Elysium TV show in development. ZA/UM has also tweeted about a prequel in the past, which could be another possibility.

Whatever it may be, it will be exciting to see what ZA/UM gets up to next. Disco Elysium was a big hit last year; it was both on a number of our staff’s personal Game of the Year lists, and named our overall Game of the Year for 2019. The mix of tabletop sensibilities and dice rolls with the way your own emotions and personality formed a mix of stats and party members felt like the future of RPGs, and even a year later, still stands out. Also, Kim Kitsuragi is the perfect video game companion.

It’s unclear whether this “soon” is tied to The Game Awards this year, which airs tomorrow on Twitch and other platforms, or if ZA/UM is planning on its own timetable for announcements. Whatever the case, I hope disco still isn’t dead in their next project.

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