Check out more gameplay for Wavetale

We are just one day away from Wavetale coming to Switch. This title was originally a Google Stadia-exclusive release, but with Stadia officially shuttering, Wavetale is free to find an audience elsewhere. It’s been quite a long wait for this one, but hopefully you’ll find the wait worth it!

Want to get another look at the game before you decide on making a purchase? The video above gives you 30 minutes of gameplay to mull over, which should certainly help sway your opinion one way or the other.

Explore an open sea and the decaying archipelago of Strandville in Wavetale, a story-driven action-adventure game introducing you to fed-up fishermen, secretive hermits – and maybe a pirate or two. Traverse calm waters and surging waves as Sigrid, a young girl who befriends a mysterious shadow that provides her with the power to walk on water.

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