Sony Bend distances itself from ex-director’s Days Gone comments

Developer Sony Bend released a statement on Twitter distancing itself from recent comments made by ex-creative director/writer John Garvin about the studio’s PlayStation 4 game, Days Gone

“We are aware of the comments made…regarding his personal view on the critical reception of our intellectual property,” Sony Bend wrote. “Bend Studio does not share his sentiment, nor does it reflect the views of our team.”

Earlier this week, Garvin expressed his (now deleted) thoughts on Twitter about the game’s mixed launch reception in 2019, which he partially attributed to “woke reviewers who couldn’t handle a gruff white biker looking at his date’s ass.” Garvin’s comments drew ire, mainly because there weren’t many, if any, critics that singled out the game for its protagonist, Deacon St. John. 

Bend further continued by saying it was “immensely proud of the work we accomplished on Days Gone, and are thankful to every developer who poured their heart and soul into it.”

Even with the mixed reception, Days Gone found new life when it released on Steam in 2021, and has believed to have sold 9 million copies across both the Steam and PlayStation 4 versions.

Sony opted not to greenlight a sequel, but back in August, it was revealed that Sony was optioning the game for a movie. Maybe the fledgling franchise will be able to find a “woke-free” audience through film.

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