A Mod Team Is Turning Fallout: New Vegas Into a New Star Wars Game

An ambitious mod team is tinkering away with Fallout: New Vegas, but their project isn’t set in the wastelands of Nevada. This team of mod creators is looking to the stars, in a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars: Open Worlds is a total conversion mod currently in development, taking place in the Star Wars universe. According to the mod’s Itch.io page, the story will start with your character being abducted by slavers. As you work to escape captivity and start your adventure, you’ll soon choose your path and set off on your very own RPG journey through the galaxy.

Total conversion mods are absolutely incredible. Unlike the mods you might be more accustomed to, which might add new cosmetic options, unlock cheats, or turn Skyrim’s dragons into Thomas the Tank Engine, total conversions can feel like brand new games, made within the framework of another.

Star Wars: Open Worlds is, fittingly, ambitious. It boasts a choice-driven story with 12 planets, voice-acted characters, RPG systems including crafting and character customization, new companions, side quests, and bounty hunting. Credited on the mod’s Itch page are developer Tank_Girl444 and designer Karim Najib, with additional contributions from four other creators.

This project is still in development, it’s important to note, and there’s no playable build at the moment. For right now, the Itch page just links out to the Discord for the mod. But given the popularity of total conversion mods, this could be a pretty interesting one to watch. The Long War became a must-have addition for XCOM players on PC, and one studio turned their Half-Life total conversion into the remake Black Mesa, which released earlier this year.

In lieu of any new Knights of the Old Republic game in the near future, an RPG with the framework of my favorite Fallout seems like a good fix. Hopefully there will be some sick Mandalorian armor. You can follow updates on Tank Girl’s YouTube channel and the Star Wars: Open Worlds Discord.

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