10 Best Web Design Practices to Create Engagement

Web design is an important element when building a site. It can influence whether someone leaves or explores the content. And in this webinar, our guest speaker, Lee Levy, will show you the best practices of design to engage your audience.

In some cases, the simplest of changes can mean the world of difference for audience retention.

Keep in mind that every moment a potential customer or client is not on your website, that’s another moment they are on someone else’s.

In this video, Lee provides statistics relating to how people interact with websites on average. This is an important element to consider as you only have so much time to grab the visitor’s attention.

Thus, the importance of best web design practices.

Things You Need to Show

When we talk about “web design,” it goes further than just how it appears in a browser. While the layout and color scheme are important aspects to consider, it’s also about functionality.

This includes elements that show who you are and what your business does at a quick glance. In this video, Lee goes over the importance of these elements and how they will impact how people perceive your website.

Site Performance

How your website performs is incredibly important for attracting and keeping an audience. Things like website speed can keep people interacting with the content while pleasing the Google algorithm.

This is because Google puts great emphasis on page speed when determining positions in search.

Lee goes over vital statistics regarding why speed is an exceptionally important aspect of web design. This is in addition to breaking down some of the common things that cause a site to run slowly.

The best part is that many of these things can easily be changed quite quickly.

If you need help testing the speed of your site, Lee shows you several tools that are incredibly popular and accurate. In fact, we’ve mentioned these in many of our own posts and tutorials.

Since these are free to use, you can start testing immediately without losing anything but a minute or two of your time.

Testing is only part of improving website performance. You’ll need to take action to fix any issues you come across. In this video, Lee explains caching plugins and how they help as well as keeping the clutter on the site to a minimum.

The Color Scheme

The visual appeal of your site will make a difference in keeping visitors engaged and coming back for more. This means there is a bit of color psychology involved in coming up with the right color scheme.

In this webinar, Lee goes over how to choose your colors wisely and what you need to consider when picking and customizing a theme.

This includes the type of “emotion” you wish to draw from when people see your pages.

A good color scheme is why a lot of developers rely on palettes. They can help you set the tone of your content while calling attention to various elements.

Don’t Forget the Fonts

The typography of your content goes a long way to keeping people scrolling down the page. If it’s too small or blends in with the background, your text becomes too difficult to read. This often results in people leaving the site and never coming back.

In fact, one of Google’s “problem” codes will inform you of both of these factors when its bot crawls across your website.

A font that is too small to read is especially problematic for mobile device users.

In this video, Lee shows the different types of fonts, how you should use them, and what colors work best.

There Are Many Elements of Web Design

The above is just a small fraction of the things you’ll learn in this webinar. Be sure to watch the video above as Lee goes over some of the most crucial elements of good web design.

After all, your website is essentially an introduction to who you are. Something that is haphazard and designed poorly could easily turn potential customers, subscribers, fans, and supporters away within a handful of seconds.

Be sure to deliver the best virtual first impression possible.

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