Pokemon Scarlet and Violet surpass 10 million sales in three days

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have sold over 10 million units combined in just three days. The latest mainline entries in the Pokemon series launched on November 18, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch.

According to Nintendo, the milestone represents the highest global sales total for any software on any Nintendo platform within the first three days.

Nintendo added that those 10 million sales includes both packaged and downloadable versions of Scarlet and Violet.

Scarlet and Violet are described as the first open-world RPGs in the Pokemon series, and notably also offer an expanded multiplayer mode that allows up to four players to explore the world together. They also launched with notable performance issues, including frame-rate drops and character pop-ins. 

The games build on the foundations laid by predecessors Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon Sword and Shield, which both incorporated open-world elements to varying degrees.

As for how those titles have performed, Pokemon Legends: Arceus had sold 12.64 million units worldwide as of March, having launched in January 2022.

Pokemon Sword and Shield, meanwhile, have sold 25.37 million copies to date since launching in November 2019, making them (combined) the fifth best-selling Switch titles of all time.

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