Recent Job Openings Suggest Potential Console Release for the Popular Riot Shooter Title

It’s been known for quite some time that Riot Games has been working on a mobile port for its popular shooter title, Valorant. With a beta version of Valorant Mobile already being tested out, it’s only a matter of time before the game shows up on Android or iOS.

With the developers hoping to cash-in on the growing mobile world, it seems like a no-brainer as to why Riot decided to bring the popular PC title to smaller devices. However, fans are still confused on whether or not they will ever see Valorant make it to consoles from Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo.

However, recent job listings from Riot Games suggest that it won’t just be a fever dream for fans, as it looks like the developers are working on a console port.

What do you want to see with the console variant of Valorant?

With these recent hirings, it seems like the developers at Riot Games are deep into bringing the celebrated tactical shooter to consoles.

So far, Riot Games hasn’t mentioned about Valorant making it to consoles anytime soon. While the mobile port most likely arrives next year, there’s a very good chance that the console version will follow soon after.

It will be interesting to see how the genre plays out in consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. While titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive never made it to the world of controllers, Riot will be leading a new path with Valorant, and we for one can’t wait to see what Riot Games has in store for us.

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