Microsoft introduces new Microsoft 365 app with more features

Empowering a modern, digitally connected, but distributed workforce requires the right culture and the right technology. Over the last couple of years, Microsoft 365 has gained popularity as the flagship cloud productivity suite of Microsoft. From frontline workers to management, it is the go-to platform that has transformed the way people work today – whenever and wherever. No matter how you or your company works – Microsoft 365 helps you increase your and your team’s productivity through efficient communication and collaboration.

As per a study by Microsoft – ‘Modernize your business while managing costs’, with Microsoft 365, organizations save over 60 percent as compared to a patchwork of point solutions.

Microsoft is now creating an improved experience to help everyone get the most out of Microsoft 365. In the coming months, there will be a new Microsoft 365 app that will integrate, the Office mobile app, and the Office app for Windows. It will have a new look, new icon, and more features.

Microsoft 365 app – an introduction

Microsoft 365 app is a safe, integrated experience built on the Microsoft Graph that will bring together all your files, documents, contacts, meetings, and more across all your apps, including third-party content in one place. You will also get personalized, intelligent recommendations by Graph – to improve the way you work.

Microsoft 365 app will still have all your favorite productivity apps – Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, and new apps for creating and expressing yourself, like Loop, and all other third-party apps that you choose.

Microsoft 365 app will be accessible to customers across education, consumer, and business segments.

Watch this video to learn more about Microsoft 365 App.

A list of what’s new in the Microsoft 365 app

New apps module: Now you can discover, launch, and pin your favorite and most used tools across Microsoft 365. This feature is available to all users on Windows and the web, and on mobile in the next few months.

New content creation types and templates: With Create, quickly start your projects across different Microsoft 365 apps either using blank templates or recommended templates for quick inspiration. This Create module is already provided to all the users on the web, Windows, and mobile and more template types will be added for Microsoft 365 customers by next year.

Feed: Simplify your workflow with an easy-to-digest interface that shows appropriate content based on what you work on and who you work with. This feature is available now for commercial users on the web, mobile, and Windows.

Welcome badging: With this feature, see the status of your Microsoft 365 subscription and track storage usage easily in a single place. It will be available from next month to users on Windows and the web.

Tagging: With custom tags across all content types, group and organize your content. This feature is available now for commercial users on Windows and the web.  

My Content: This favorite feature of business customers is now available for personal users too. With My Content, you get a centralized location to see and access all your content – whether created by you or shared with you – irrespective of its location. This will be available to all users on Windows and the web. 

Benefits of the new Microsoft 365 app

  • Find all your favorite apps and files in a single place: You can quickly access apps like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel from your chosen device.
  • Create professional content: Use recommended templates to create new, high-quality content or with a simple click, start a new file.
  • Work smoothly across devices: No matter where you left off your work, you can pick up at the same place across your mobile, desktop, or browser. Safely access your videos, files, and photos.
  • Work easily and smartly: Take intelligent decisions based on smart recommendations from Microsoft 365 by understanding and working on the things that need your attention. 

When will the changes in Microsoft 365 happen?

 The changes for will begin to roll out in November 2022. In January 2023, changes will be rolled out for the Office app on Windows and the Office mobile app.

Will I be affected by changes in Microsoft 365? What should I do?

Yes, all those using the Office app for work, personal, or school use will see these changes. There will be zero impact on your existing subscription, profile, account, files, or data.

The app will get automatically updated with a new name and icon.

How are Microsoft 365 and Microsoft 365 app related?

The new Microsoft 365 app will be the starting point for accessing your favorite tools and content in the Microsoft 365 suite of apps.

How can I get the new Microsoft 365 app?

  • Once released, you can contact us at to get the new Microsoft 365 app.
  • Also, you can buy a Microsoft 365 subscription right now – and it will automatically update to the new Microsoft 365 app – with a new look and feel starting in November 2022.  

Will Office go away completely?

No, you will be able to access apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook as a part of your Microsoft 365 subscription. Microsoft will also offer one-time purchases of these apps to customers and businesses via Office 2021 and Office LTSC plans.

Furthermore, Office 365 subscription plans will remain as they are. There will be no change in them.

Wrapping up

We hope you enjoy the new Microsoft 365 app! If you have any questions or feedback, please drop a comment in the comments section below. Thanks for using Microsoft 365!

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