I can taste this blinged-out Pokemon Cafe drink through the screen

There’s water type and Pikachu charm merch too

Today, Japan announced several new menu items coming to the Pokemon Cafe (and Pikachu Sweets window), including both food and drink change ups.

Let’s go with the food first: the chain is adding a Pikachu BBQ curry plate, “inspired by Pikachu’s summer vacation.” Locations offer up “three different facial expressions” for the dish. Then there’s “Eevee’s Mineko Ala Mode,” which is a set of side dishes focused on sweets (like cookies and wafers).

Next up is the Pokemon Cafe drink alterations, and I’m feeling refreshed just looking at it. The cafe is adding a frozen peach drink, with optional water type accessories to buy: including a charm straw.

All of this (including the new Pokemon Cafe drink) will be arriving with the menu changes coming on July 16, amid the additional menu items coming on July 9 based on the first generation starters. Note that there are two Pokemon Cafe locations: one in Nihonbashi, Tokyo and another in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. You can find the addresses for both on the bottom of the cafe’s FAQ page.

One of my favorite pastimes is watching food bloggers on YouTube specifically for Japanese cafes and theme park promos. Can you tell I miss Japan?

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