Ezra Miller in Trouble Again for Hosting Three Children and Their Mother at Their Farm Filled With Weed and Guns

The troubles for Ezra Miller seem to be never-ending, as a new report details the story behind a mother and their kids, who lives at the actor’s farm in Vermont.

According to The Rolling Stones, The Flash star has been housing a mother and their kids for the past two months, with the children’s father claiming that his family is in danger. In the report, two other people who seem to know about this situation have alleged that the kids live in a dangerous environment, as the property is filled with guns left unattended by Miller. One of the shocking details about the story revolves around a person’s allegations, who claims that one of the one-year-old kids played with a bullet in her mouth.


However, the mother in the situation believes that her family is safe, as she stated that Ezra Miller provided a safe haven for her kids, as they had escaped from the abusive environment of her ex. She further stated that the guns in Miller’s property are only for self-defense purposes, and they are stored safely away from the children.

In the report, the father mentioned that the kids and the mother were flown out of Hawaii, after she met the Fantastic Beast star, when the actor was in town. During their stay at Hawaii, Miller had been arrested twice for charges of harassment and assault.

Other than the weapons, the report also talks about the residents using weed heavily in front of the children, with Miller also allegedly growing a marijuana cultivation farm in their property as well.

The list of controversies against Miller continues to grow, with the most recent being an harassment allegation from a family involving a mother and her 12-year-old kid in Massachusetts.

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