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Snitches get Stitches

Independent developer Hero Concept is currently working on an all-new sequel to its street-smashin’ comic-book beat-’em-up, Mayhem Brawler. Titled Mayhem Brawler II: Best of Both Worlds, the new scrapper was premiered in the pages of brand new beat-’em-up magazine Brawler’s Alley.

According to project lead Serkan Ozay, Mayhem Brawler II will retain the frenzied beat-’em-up action of the original 2021 release, but will utilize a fully revamped combo system, as well as a roguelike approach to enemy placement and stage design. Hero Concept is aiming for a total of eight playable characters, (less cops this time, please), with the development team also focusing on new mechanics, multiplayer engagement, and new endgame content.

A dual storyline will focus on the current affairs of Christina “She-Wolf” Vasquez, enemy-turned-ally and winner of the Best Rockabilly Lycanthrope Sweetheart award, while a second narrative, set in yesteryear, will recount the legend of Megan “Stellar” Gardner, an early years Stronghold officer who also happens to be the mother of Mayhem Brawler‘s protagonist, Star. Fans can expect more mutant busting on the avenues and alleyways of Mayhem City in this chrono-chaotic tale.

Mayhem Brawler, available now on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms, has received a steady content rollout since its initial release back in August 2021. The first major drop came in the form of the Air Supremacy 2.0 update, which added the opportunity for aerial combos, OTG attacks, and extended juggles. This was then followed by the Wolfpack update in January 2022, which added four-player co-op, level select options, and introduced mah moon-howling gal as a new playable character.

No doubt Hero Concept will be hoping that Mayhem Brawler II will improve and expand upon its predecessor, while still maintaining its fun character design, comic-book aesthetic, and retro-inspired button-pounding action. It’s gonna be a long wait, as the sequel has a tentative release date of 2024, but with the beat-’em-up renaissance in full swing, there’s plenty of street justice to be dished out in the meantime.

Mayhem Brawler II is currently in development at Hero Concept. For more details and first images, (along with other news and reviews from the beat-’em-up world), be sure to check out the first issue of Brawler’s Alley, available to download free of charge.

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