Major Resident Evil Village Spoilers Seem to Have Leaked

The next game in the Resident Evil series already seems to have some of its big plot points spilling out across the internet. Reports are circulating that major portions of Resident Evil Village have leaked and been shared on various forums.

Forums like ResetEra have claimed spoilers of these games have made their way around the internet. We won’t be directly linking to or discussing the actual content of these spoilers, but we have viewed some of the Resident Evil Village images and text spoilers in question.

This reported leak follows a ransomware attack on Capcom which included financial and employee information. It’s not clear if this leak is tied to the leak, though one archive of the leak claims the info comes from a dev build of Resident Evil Village. Capcom confirmed last month that it was the victim of a “customized ransomware attack,” which led to leaks like a supposed calendar of Capcom’s upcoming lineup of games. The company also expressed concerns that more items of personal info could have been compromised.

Resident Evil Village is tentatively set to launch sometime next year, and will be arriving with some familiar faces in tow, including Chris Redfield and Resident Evil 7 protagonist Ethan Winters. Ethan will be the protagonist of Resident Evil Village, as it seems he’s once again been caught up in the larger scheme of things.

Resident Evil Village is currently aiming for PC and next-gen consoles. The publisher hasn’t necessarily ruled out last-gen consoles either, but it “can’t make any promises.”

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