New crowdfunding campaign seeks to bring ‘Cosmic Fantasy Collection’ to Nintendo Switch

A new campaign on Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake has been released, which seeks to bring a collection of the original Cosmic Fantasy games to Nintendo Switch.

If successful, the campaign promises to bring the tentatively-titled Cosmic Fantasy Collection to Japan, with current projections putting the release before the end of December 2022. The campaign features a dual-pack containing both Cosmic Fantasy: Adventure Boy Yuu and Cosmic Fantasy 2: Adventure Boy Van.

These RPG games launched in 1990 and 1991 respectively, and this would be their first time releasing on a Nintendo platform. Only Cosmic Fantasy 2 saw a release in the west.

The campaign already has 13 backers at the time of writing and is seeking 3 million yen, or about $22,285 USD. It’s reached 22% of that goal so far.

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