Kojima Productions Will Mark 5th Anniversary With Some “Exciting Updates”

It seems like just yesterday that Hideo Kojima split with Konami and went to start his own new studio, but it’s actually been quite a while. Kojima Productions is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion, the studio is revealing some updates tomorrow.

In an announcement (via Twitter) , the English account for Kojima Productions says that Dec. 16 marks the studio’s fifth anniversary. On its social channels at various times (12 a.m. ET, and 5 a.m. in the UK), the studio will be “delivering some exciting updates” that it says you won’t want to miss.

What this news could be is anyone’s guess, especially with Kojima at the helm. Kojima Productions has, so far, one major game to its name: 2019’s bold, perplexing delivery simulator Death Stranding. The studio says it is working on multiple new projects, and both Kojima and long-time collaborator Yoji Shinkawa have teased their next team-up in the past. It even seems like it could be related to Death Stranding.

Though I’d be surprised if any sort of new game was announced on social media rather than a venue like The Game Awards, it’s 2020 and anything can happen. Even though Death Stranding didn’t release all that long ago, and actually got a pretty solid PC port earlier this year, I’m sure Kojima fans are eager to see what’s next for the creator. Maybe we’ll learn what that might be tomorrow; just keep those expectations in check.

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