Spelunky and Spelunky 2 Coming to Switch Next Summer

I’m very, very into 2012’s Spelunky a.k.a. Spelunky HD, a statement which is easy to verify if you go back through all my articles here at USG. I’ve owned it on three platforms and even now, with a pretty great sequel out in the world, I still want to play it on Nintendo Switch. Thankfully, I’m in luck, as creator Derek Yu and BlitWorks just announced that both Spelunky games are coming to Switch next year.

Leading off today’s year-end Indie World Showcase, Spelunky 2 was the first of the two-part reveal. Then, the same Spelunky I first played on Xbox 360 and which became a wider phenomenon when it hit PC and the Vita a year later popped up. Both titles are aiming for Switch releases in summer 2021.

Spelunky also got ported to PS3 and PS4 later, but this will be the first time that it has ever been available on a Nintendo platform. Spelunky 2, which launched in September, is only available for PC and PS4 at the moment.

Yu and BlitWorks are planning to release fully featured versions of both titles on Switch, meaning that the excellent roguelike platformer’s Adventure Mode will also be accompanied by co-op, daily challenges, and competitive multiplayer.

Spelunky 2’s launch had some issues that have been gradually ironed-out in the months since. An early patch resolved some performance issues on PS4, and the PC version just got updated support for online co-op. Yu has also made some major tweaks to the sequel’s first world and to the behavior patterns of one of its mid-game bosses—personally, I don’t agree with all the changes, but it’s still an excellent game. If I’m being honest with myself, I should just plan on purchasing both Spelunky games (Spelunkies?) again next summer.

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