Narrative Horror Game Reportedly in Development With PlayStation Partner for PS5 and PC

Horror games have been creating a lot of hype for the players especially since talks about a new Silent Hill game being in development have been going on in the industry. Horror games are a challenging genre and not every developer has been able to deliver a polished product to the players. Latest new reveals a new Narrative Horror game is in development for PlayStation 5 and PC.

This news comes from a job listing that was spotted by a user on the popular gaming blog, ResetEra. Toumari is the user that has been following this job listing for over 2 years and has outlined the details she has observed. According to the lisiting, it is a new 3D first-person single-player narrative horror game in development coming to PS5/PC.

The user observed in 2019 that this job listing was from an unannounced studio in Berlin and it stated that the studio is working on a narrative horror game which will be released for PC and console in 2023. The job listing stated that one of the responsibilities of the person they were hiring would be to hire 10-15 collaborators for the project. The studio’s description stated that their team consists of multi-award winning members and there is a major partner that will be announced soon.

Cut to May 2022, the Studio description page has change tremendously, they are still an unannounced studio that has their headquarters in Berlin, but one major detail has changed. From unannounced major partner, the description now states that the studio is fully funded and their major partner is none other than Sony PlayStation.

Another detail that has changed is that instead of PC and Console, the description now states that a horror game is being developed for PlayStation 5 and PC. The job listing has also outlined the award winning members that will be working on this project and these include the following members:

  • Alicia Conte: Director, previously at Crows Crows Crows;
  • Arshea Bimal: Producer, previously at Funomena;
  • Jessica Curry: Composer, Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture;
  • Tom Schley: sound Designer and Audio Engineer, The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe,
  • William Pugh: Co-Designer, The Stanley Parable, Dr. Langeskov, Accounting+

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