Hades Now Has Cross-Save Between Switch and PC

Supergiant Games’ Hades is finally getting a much-awaited update. Cross-saves between the Nintendo Switch and PC versions of Hades are enabled, thanks to today’s update.

The Cross-Saves update was announced on Twitter today, and will allow Hades players to transfer their save data to and from the Nintendo Switch. The steps are fairly easy: select “Cross-Saves” in the Main Menu on Switch, and connect either your Steam or Epic Games account, depending on where you own Hades. Then just pause and quit to upload save data when you’re ready to move to a different platform. More info can be found under the Help & Info section in-game.

Hades has been one of the breakouts of this year, making its biggest splash with its full launch in September. Sadly, cross-save functionality wasn’t able to make the cut then, but with it now enabled, players should be able to move their progress back and forth between their gaming rigs and their on-the-go Switch.

Its combination of the best elements of previous Supergiant games and the studio’s penchant for gorgeous art and stellar soundtracks made it an easy pick for our Game of the Month when it launched. Hades also took home a few Game Awards last week, for Best Action Game and Best Indie.

Essentially, what I’m saying is that there is now even more reason to play what is one of the better games of the year. I’ve had a copy of Hades on the Switch, patiently awaiting the day I could move my PC save over; now, it’s time to farm some resources and Fated selections from the comfort of my couch and/or bed.

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