Death Stranding Gets a Cyberpunk 2077 Crossover Update Today on PC

Sam Bridges has a bit more delivering to do, this time for a futuristic client. Today, a new update brings the world of Cyberpunk 2077 into the PC version of Death Stranding.

Today’s update adds new missions, items, characters, and lore from the world of Cyberpunk 2077 into Death Stranding. The crossover adds a number of new cosmetics, like a pair of aviators, a new bike, and some apparent cyberware on Sam’s face.

It’s not just some new looks, though; today’s update also includes new gameplay mechanics. The addition of some Cyberpunk means Sam can also hack things now, allowing him to take sensor poles out of commission, halt MULE trucks in their tracks, or short-out an enemy’s Odradek scanner. The “Johnny Arm,” a robotic arm modeled after Johnny Silverhand’s metallic arm, can also be used to deliver a swift uppercut to some MULEs’ jaws.

This is far from Death Stranding’s first crossover with another video game. The PC version in particular got a few Half-Life goodies, and inside Death Stranding itself, there are a number of cameos from celebrities and figures within the games industry. Adding an entirely new mechanic to the PC version is pretty surprising though, and what seems like a useful one at that. I know I would’ve liked to knock out some sensor poles in my playthrough.

Death Stranding hit PC earlier this year and seems like a port that’s worth a second trek through the BT-filled ruins of America. Cyberpunk 2077, meanwhile, has been having a rough launch; the last-gen console versions in particular are struggling, and CD Projekt is sending mixed messages on whether players can get refunds.

Death Stranding’s Cyberpunk update is live now on the PC version.

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