Like customizing Xbox controllers? Check out these custom DM screens

Do you like customizing your Xbox controller? Do you spend hours constructing miniatures on HeroForge? What if you could do something similar to your Dungeon Master screen? The Infinity Screen from Dog Might Games gives you just such an opportunity.

Let’s go through the basics first. These screens come as three separate panels — a substantial 20 inch by 9 inch center panel flanked by two 11.75 inch by 9 inch side panels. Each one is a clever composite of 5/8 inch thick kiln-dried hardwood, arranged in such a way as to avoid warping.

The panels connect with a magnetic rod between them, allowing for a lot of freedom in setup. There are also 22 magnets embedded in the back of the screen to give you lots of places to stick tables and other bits of information that can help drive your campaign forward. Alternately, you can opt to use Dog Might’s own line of Valhalla Screen accessories, which include items like a dice tower and a phone stand. There’s also a groove cut along the top of the center panel for tracking initiative.

All of that makes for a solid enough DM screen, but doesn’t quite justify a price tag that starts at $595. For that, we have to turn to the player-facing side to see what sets the Infinity Screen apart.

Laser-engraved designs cover every inch of the exterior surface, and you get to customize all of it. The centerpiece of the screen is a huge piece of art that takes up all nine inches of its height. There are 10 different centerpiece designs covering lots of TTRPG staples like a demon, a lich, or a Cthulhu-like beast, and you’ll be able to choose one of nine different frames to go around it.

To the left and right of that, stretching onto the side panels, there are 10 different background scenes like a tavern interior, a townscape, or a battlefield. With a different option on either side, game masters have the opportunity to foreshadow their campaign with a kind of triptych. There are even more options for the side panels, including additional symbols like tomes or a band of kobolds that can be placed on either or both sides with their own frames around them.

With their website, you can pick out all your options, including a huge array of different colors. Dog Might tells Polygon via email that the vibrant stain is achieved via “a mix of water and alcohol-based stains and inks” followed by an “enamel inlay [applied] by hand for the rich dark line work.” You can get flat colors with no blending — kind of like a comic book — or you can pay for a more “artistic” version that gives the artists at Dog Might a little more freedom to blend and shade the design as they go.

Setting up one of these screens at the head of your gaming table is sure to send a message to your players that you mean business.

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