Warzone 2 Reportedly Getting Four Modern Warfare 2 Maps

The next instalment to the Call of Duty: Warzone series is reportedly in the works and the players have received plenty of information for this title through leaks and rumours. According to the latest leak, it seems that Warzone 2 is reportedly getting four Modern Warfare 2 Maps as POIs in the game.

This leaks comes from none other than renowned industry tipster, Tom Henderson. According to the report there are 4 maps that will be put in the Warzone 2 Map and will be expanded as POIs. The final names of the POIs have not been revealed, but Tom was able to come up with a few of the ones that are definitely going to be a part of the new game.

  • Highrise: This POI has been dubbed as ‘Modern City’ and it will include tall and large buildings with a city style landscape.
  • Quarry: This popular map will be added to the game as a POI under the original name.
  • Afgan: This POI will be towards the centre of the game map and will be dubbed as ‘Caves’.
  • Terminal: This iconic map will become the new ‘Airport’ in Warzone 2.

Here are all the Warzone 2 POIs:

  • Oasis
  • Wartorn
  • Quarry (Quarry)
  • Oilfield
  • Modern City (Highrise)
  • Caves (Afgan)
  • Dam
  • Marshes
  • Harbor
  • Sira
  • Observatory
  • Mountain town (assumed Fevela)
  • Graveyard
  • Oldtown
  • Shipwreck
  • Fishtown
  • Fort
  • Airport (Terminal)

Another thing that we have learned from the report is that a new Strongholds system has been added to the game and these will act as buy stations on the map. There are a bunch of these strongholds spread across the entire map and they have been classified according to their size.

These Strongholds will not just act as buy stations but also areas that players can capture. They will be guarded by AI opponents and the all the players on the server will be looking to capture a stronghold for themselves, so the competition will be higher. The Strongholds will contain objectives that players can complete in order to get a better loadout.

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