Best Free 3D Games to Play on Steam for PC Players

Games have evolved tremendously over the years and players can now see every single detail of the character they are playing with, from the sweat drops to the tiny hair follicles. Graphics in games have been enhanced to look even more realistic and the 3D models have become more true to life than ever.

Graphics weren’t always this great and very few games were 3D when gaming just begun. Now 3D has become the new normal in games and the days of 2D, sidescrolling and top view games have almost gone. Game Stores now have a wide variety of 3D games for the players to choose from. Check out IGN India‘s top picks for the best free 3D games on Steam.

Eternal Return

This is a great pick for players that are looking for Strategic Survival Gameplay. The game will require a lot of exploration from the players in order to gather the resources to survive. Players can strategise the way they wish to attack their opponents, which could be from afar, with traps or up front. The game can be played as a team or solo, the choice is upto the player.

Adventure Quest 3D

Adventure Quest 3D is a cross platform MMORPG that can be played on Android, iOS, PC and Mac devices. The game has a powerful story line where the player plays the key role in taking down the approaching terrifying threat. The game also regularly updates itself in order to provide fresh new content to the players and fix the bugs and issues plaguing the game.

3on3 Freestyle: Rebound

Players that are looking for sports 3D game, then this freestyle basketball game is the best pick for them. The game consists of some of the most technical basketball mechanics where showboating is key. Players can dive into the game with their friends in 3v3 online mode or even conquer the game solo in the 1v1 online mode. The game also has a very active community that the player can be a part off.

Dungeon Defenders 2

Dungeon Defenders 2 is a co-op tower defence game that player can dive into. The game allows the player to build a team of heroes that comprises some of the strongest characters in order to save the region of Etheria. The game also requires the players to build their defences with lasers, blockades and more in order to protect themselves from approaching enemies. Leveling up and looting is the key to the game and the fun increases as players can bring a squad of 4 to the game.

Slapshot: Rebound

Slapshot: Rebound is a physics based ice hockey game that players can enhoy with their friends or other players online. The game has no button for shooting, no puck glue and no RNG, it is upto the players to control, pass and shoot the ball in the opponent’s net with the help of their team. It also consists of a training mode that helps players get used to the intriguing mechanics of the game.

Toram Online

Toram Online is a fantasy themed MMORPG of vast proportions. The game is a big deal in the mobile gaming scene and has now moved to PC. Customisation in the game is unreal as the players have around 500 Billion combinations to choose from. If thats not all, the players can choose the powers, train their characters and build them as they wish to in the game.

Smash Legends

Smash Legends is an online brawler that will keep a player busy for hours at a time. The game is an engaging PVP action brawler that has cross platform play between Android, iOS and PC platforms. The players get to choose from a vast roster of fairy tale characters to play the game. This game can be enjoyed with friends through a 3v3 team battle or players can use take this game on solo also if they wish too.

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