Mutant Year Zero studio reveals its next project Miasma Chronicles

Elvis and the robot

Developer The Bearded Ladies has a new project with some familiar vibes. The Mutant Year Zero team announced their new project today, called Miasma Chronicles, a post-apocalyptic tactical adventure.

Debuting during this morning’s 505 Games Spring 2022 ShowcaseMiasma Chronicles takes place in a post-apocalyptic America where a force called the Miasma has rolled over the country.

The protagonist Elvis lives in the care of a robotic older brother, along with a glove that can control the Miasma. The pair sets off on a quest to find answers and, likely, contend with the Miasma in the process.

According to the Steam descriptionMiasma Chronicles will be a tactical, turn-based game with some RPG elements. There’s also real-time exploration, and some upgrading and abilities to help out in combat.

A new road ahead

While The Bearded Ladies have worked on a number of projects, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden feels quite relevant to this new one. It’s also a tactical game with some XCOM vibes, set in a post-apocalyptic world.

The real-time aspects and setting, notably the characters, of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden left an impression in 2018. We’ll have to see more of Miasma Chronicles to find out how it stacks up. It’s coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store sometime in 2023.

A few other games were spotlighted at today’s 505 Games Spring 2022 Showcase. The publisher aired a lengthy look at Among the Trolls, a first-person survival and crafting game with some heavy inspiration from Finnish forests. Trolls, basically.

Action RPG Stray Blade was also shown off, with a very fast and expressive combat system. It’s aiming for 2023, and looks to have some real Sekiro vibes, for those who’ve been looking for more of that.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising was also briefly showcased. That’s out right now, and you can check out our impressions of the cozy town-building RPG here.

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