WordPress vs Wix Which One is Better?

Are you pondering whether you should utilize WordPress or Wix to create your company’s website?

If yes, then you’re certainly not alone.

Selecting the right website builder for your company is a major decision since it determines the things you can and cannot do with your website.

Suppose you’re trying to decide about WordPress and. Wix, we’ve got the answers you need!

This page will look at the differences between the two web builders to assist you in deciding which one WordPress or Wix is the right choice for your company. We’ll examine categories such as:

  • Templates
  • User-friendly
  • Pricing
  • Customer support
  • Apps and plugins

Continue reading and find out which is the winner in the Wix WordPress vs WordPress debate!

WordPress is vs Wix: Templates

In comparing Wix with WordPress, the first thing to consider will be the layouts. The website’s design has an impact on your visitors. It’s 94% of initial impressions stem from the design. Hence, there’s a need to ensure that your website builder has templates that look beautiful professional, and suited to the style of your company.

Let’s review the template that is available for every platform.

WordPress templates

WordPress provides hundreds of themes to help you design your website. You can choose to make use of free themes or purchase one.

WordPress offers numerous types of themes, from entertainment-focused templates to e-commerce to food and drink. There are a variety of themes that you can choose from to create an online presence that is appropriate for your company.

The themes of WordPress are stylishly designed and contemporary, which makes any one of them a great choice for your site. The majority of WordPress’s templates are also responsive and can be adapted to different devices and provide the best user experience.

If you choose to start with a design and discover you don’t love it, you could always switch it to a different one.

Wix templates

Among the major contrasts between two WordPress as well as Wix is their templates. While Wix offers over 900 templates, you can choose from. However, they’re not as professional and clean as WordPress’s templates.

It’s not that there aren’t templates that are good that are available on Wix, but you’ll search through pages to locate the ones you want.

Wix has a variety of categories that can help you to narrow your search down from business to hobbies, making it simple to locate the perfect template to suit your needs.

All Wix’s templates are responsive, meaning they’ll adjust to all devices, regardless of the device your visitors use to visit your site.

Be aware that no matter what template you pick, you’re locked into it. Wix does not allow you to alter templates once you’ve selected one.

Winner: WordPress

WordPress is definitely the winner when considering designs for the Wix vs WordPress debate. WordPress not only offers greater templates to choose from; however, the templates are more stylishly appealing. In addition, you have the ability to modify the design of your template however you like, and this makes it a much more adaptable option.

WordPress is vs Wix: Ease of use.

The next question to consider when deciding between WordPress and Wix is user-friendliness. If you’re creating your site by yourself instead of employing a web design firm, You should pick a platform that’s simple to create your site.

Let’s take a look at the user-friendliness of every platform:

WordPress user-friendliness

Suppose you compare Wix as compared to. WordPress, you’ll find that WordPress is slightly more complicated to work with. WordPress lets you customize your site using coding, making it a good choice for those with experience in development and who are looking to modify your website more.

For those who don’t possess any programming knowledge, WordPress enables you to include blocks on your site to define where elements will be placed. You can include blocks for buttons, text, or headings, as well as other items. These boxes can be moved around freely to locate the best spot to place them.

In general, WordPress can be more difficult to navigate if you do not have any experience in coding or layout for web pages because it gives you the freedom to alter elements of design and customize.

Wix’s ease of use

If you’re deciding on the pros and cons of Wix or WordPress, you should consider Wix’s site builder. If you create your website using Wix, it comes with the drag-and-drop building tool, which makes it simple for you to include elements on your site. You can alter the layout of your website according to your preferences.

This web builder is ideal for those who don’t have any programming expertise. It is not necessary to program your website to make it perfect; however, instead, you can put elements in the way you want and modify them.

Wix wins: Wix

Suppose you compare Wix’s comparison to. WordPress for ease of usage, Wix edges out the competitors. With its drag-and-drop-based builder and no code required, Wix is much more ideal for those who are searching for a site builder that is easy to use.

WordPress Vs. Wix: Pricing

If you’re making a decision to choose between WordPress or Wix, You should consider the amount each platform will cost to ensure it’s within your company’s budget.

Here’s a breakdown of prices for every platform:

WordPress pricing

One of the major differences that distinguish WordPress the Wix and WordPress Wix is the fact that WordPress is open source. This means that it’s free to use. Any money for the use of WordPress because it’s not tied with one particular entity or business.

This doesn’t mean it’s a cost-free website-building alternative. There are additional costs to be included in your budget, such as:

  • Name of the domain: $0.95 – $12 per month
  • Web hosting: $24 to $10,000 per year
  • Theme cost: $0 to $200 once per the theme
  • Plugins Cost: $0 – $1000 either one-time or continuously
  • Website maintenance: $0 – $449 per month

Now, these are basic costs that you can expect to incur when you build your WordPress website.

Wix pricing

With Wix, you’re free to opt from numerous packages to choose from for your website. There’s also a no-cost alternative, but it comes with a limited set of features and does not include a custom domain.

There are four business models offered:

  • Combo plan: $14 per month
  • Unlimited plan: $18 per month
  • Pro plan: $23 per month
  • VIP plan: $39 per month

There are also specific eCommerce plans:

  • Business Basic plan $33 per month
  • Plan Business Unlimited: $27/month
  • The Business VIP Plan: $49/month

Wix also offers an enterprise package that allows you to purchase an individual package that meets your company’s needs. Additionally, you may incur charges for the use of apps for your website or with the theme you select.

Winner: WordPress

If you’re making a decision whether to go with Wix as opposed to WordPress, WordPress edges Wix out a bit in terms of cost. Although WordPress’s prices can be much higher than Wix however, there’s still a possibility that they’ll be cheaper than Wix’s plans. Additionally, as WordPress is open-source and has many free functions, you’ll be able to get more value for your money.

You can enjoy tremendous WordPress hosting plans from AccuWeb at reasonable costs.

WordPress Vs. Wix: Customer support

When you consider the differences between WordPress and Wix, One of the biggest differences is the amount of support for customers. If you’re developing your first website for the time, it is important to make sure you’re supported if you encounter issues.

This is what to anticipate from every platform:

WordPress Support for WordPress

WordPress does not have an immediate helpline for users to communicate with each other for help with queries. Because it’s open-source and a part of the community, and that means you must trust the community to resolve problems.

This involves scouring through community forums in order to locate solutions to your queries. You can trust other WordPress users to assist you with your problems. It could be difficult to go through similar posts to locate the right one to solve the issue.

Support for Wix

With Wix, it is possible to connect to the specially trained support staff who are available 24 hours a day. You can reach the support staff for immediate answers to your questions.

Furthermore, Wix offers a support center where you can look for issues you’re experiencing and try to discover solutions before contacting customer support. This support center can also provide you with lots of excellent resources to design your website.

Wix wins: Wix

In terms of customer assistance, Wix is the winner. A dedicated support center makes it easier for designers who are just beginning their careers to access the support they require.


WordPress Vs. Wix: Wix Plugins and applications

The final area of discussion that we’ll examine during this Wix comparison vs WordPress debate is plugins and applications. These functions can improve your site to provide an improved experience to your users.

These two platforms Compare:

WordPress plugins

With WordPress, you can are able to use thousands of plugins that can aid you in building a site that gives your visitors the most pleasant experience. WordPress includes more than 58,000 free plugins to choose from that range from forms builders to eCommerce integration and SEO (SEO) plugins.

You can include any of these plugins on your site to ensure it is usable for your visitors.

Wix applications

Wix provides numerous apps that you can integrate into your site to create more enjoyable experiences for your visitors. There are a few free applications, while some have monthly fees.

These applications can aid you in adding more features to your website by adding contact forms to integrate social buttons for media.

Winner: Tie

Both platforms have excellent integration options that can aid you in enhancing your site. They’re both excellent alternatives for adding features to your website.

WordPress Vs. Wix: Is Wix or WordPress superior?

Once you’ve looked at what these platforms can provide, you might be unsure which is the most suitable for you. The ideal platform to create your company’s website is contingent on what is most important to you.

If you’re searching for an easy-to-use website builder that provides excellent customer support, Wix is the ideal choice. If you’re searching for a site builder with more flexibility, WordPress is the best choice.

It is important to consider what is most important for you and your business to figure out which platform can provide the features you require.

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