Top 19 Ways to Market Your Website

When it comes to Website Promotion, Your website is an invaluable asset that can be used in a myriad of ways to promote your brand or business without any restrictions or boundaries. Any entrepreneur’s dream is to reach a maximum number of potential customers and possible leads if they own a business or even an e-commerce store; a blogger or content creator would like to establish a legion of a devoted audience. Creating an online profile would be effective if clients could easily access it. The best way to create a remarkable online presence is through organic ranking leading to impressive website traffic, which requires the utilization of numerous tips and tricks discussed here.

Studies show that the first five websites that appear in the organic search results get as much as 68% of all the visitors; the maximum amount of generated traffic is guided via the Google search when target keywords are entered. The rest are redirected via email marketing, social media, etc. So, the website traffic is directly proportional to the effective promotional methods employed to create the online presence.


Why Do You Need to Promote Your Website?

No matter what type of business or content you want to promote, be it a blog, an NGO, or even e-commerce, website promotion is essential to drive traffic that can lead to massive profits or followers.

Suppose you own an e-commerce site to sell shoes; it is essential to attract a reasonably high number of visitors who may end up buying your product. Therefore, by implementing various promotional techniques for your website, people will be able to see you or find you with ease.

It is also important to know that a well-executed website marketing and promotional strategy will boost conversion rates and positively impact consumer loyalty.

For such website marketing strategies, you can either opt for paid options such as Google Ads or free options(organic); or even implement both.


Time-Tested Ways to Promote Your Website

1.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Investing in SEO will positively impact your website’s ranking through organic search. SEO is a multi-layered process that encapsulates various aspects, including

  • Posting High-Quality Content
  • Adding Meta Descriptions to the page
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Including Quality Links to the website
  • Adding the website to Yelp, Google My Business, etc.
  • Improving and optimizing website design

Efficaciously implementing the SEO tool or strategies will eventually make your website appear among the top search results when anyone searches the target keywords associated with the website or particular page and it will surely boost your website promotion activities.

2.  Email Marketing

On average, 99% of people check their email every day, and the average email open rate is 29.55%. The power of email marketing cannot be undermined, especially since this promotion is carried directly to the customers. Whether your website is old or recently launched, a strategically designed email marketing campaign will successfully promote your website; also, sharing a link to your website and engaging content through newsletters with a call to action to inspire the subscribers to visit the website.

3.  Social Media for Market your website

Social media networks have millions of users and make up for an extensive market where you can find countless potential customers. Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. are some of the many most popular and frequented social media platforms where you can advertise and even directly engage with people for their feedback, insights, and even noble ideas to further boost your website’s reach and also share website’s link, products, blogs while getting to know the audience/ customers in a better way.


Image source: Hootsuite

4.  YouTube

It is estimated that in 2022, in the US alone, there will be more than 200 million YouTube users. Now imagine the number of people from all over the world. 

By default, YouTube becomes an obvious platform to promote your website, which can be done by sharing videos or shorts with engaging or informative content and including a CTA linked to your website.

5.  Share Content on LinkedIn

Besides the globally used professional social network, LinkedIn is also an impactful platform for publishing and sharing content that will be consumed by professionals, industry experts, and potential customers.

Even if you are new, you can begin by sharing the content regularly to increase your reach, boost your website traffic, and enhance your profile’s value, especially among the people who may have a great reputation in multiple sectors. LinkedIn is very popular among business people who want to promote their new websites.

6.  Be Active on Reddit

“Reddit is home to thousands of communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection.”

It’s a platform that gets billions of screen views within a month. You can successfully use Reddit for your website promotion activities by engaging with the users and sharing the website to generate a good “footfall” to your website.

7.  Influencers

These days social media influencers are the celebrities in their own right who hold a great deal of power and charm over their followers. So, when they endorse a product, business, or even a person, their supports swarm to their recommendations in a heartbeat. You can get their support by paying them for their time to endorse your website and get massive direct traffic, leading up to your benefit.

8.  Pay-per-Click Ads (PPC)

Best way of website promotion!!! When the paid ads appear on search engines, they are referred to as Pay-Per-Click ads, and the most well-known option is Google AdWords, while Facebook ads is another commonly known to online advertisers. You pay when a person clicks on your ad; ensure that you add a related website or a page link to those ads with the relevant products or services.

9.  Guest Blogging

It is like a coin has two sides – you can be a guest blogger on someone else’s website or invite a reputed blogger to write for your page. Either way, you will be able to add more traffic to your website. On the other hand, if writing is not your thing, then hire someone else to write for you on subjects that are either popular or industry-relevant and share on the reputed website (of course, after getting their permission).

You can also invite other guest bloggers to write and share their content on your website, as this will bring more readers to your website. Either way, you should focus on sharing high-quality content, original and not misleading, as it can negatively affect your ranking.

10.  Retargeting

When you shop online, you start seeing random ads, especially for products you recently bought, or similar products may appear on different websites. 

This phenomenon happens as a result of ‘retargeting’ done via technology that utilizes cookies to insert unique code into visitors’ browsers when they visit a website. 

If you employ retargeting, this will show your website’s ads to the visitors on different websites and all over the internet; this will effectively boost your visibility and leave an indelible mark on the user who will now see the products or services they like the most

11.  Make Your Website Responsive

More people own smartphones than personal computers, so it is natural for the maximum number of people to browse the internet on their phones. However, if any user finds it hard to consume the content on their phone as it is not optimized to be viewed on different devices such as phones, tablets, etc., they don’t stay on the website or platform for long. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that your website is responsive across all devices so that the visitors may have a smooth experience.

12.  Invest in Faster Website

Smartphones, fast internet, and same-day delivery of orders; have led to people living a fast-paced life and having low patience, especially when it comes to waiting. If anyone has to wait for even 30 seconds for a page to load, they don’t bother staying on the website and looking for other, faster alternatives. If your website takes too long to load, it is slated to have a higher bounce rate and low website traffic. Thus, it is vital to make your website and its pages optimized to load faster by adding appropriate-sized images and proper page structure while also incorporating third-party plugins with superior functionality. This will save users time waiting so that they may spend more time on your website browsing.

13.  Select the Right Web Host

Imagine, after you make use of different means to promote your website and are successful in generating the desired traffic, your website is not equipped to handle the massive number of visitors. This will slow down your website or it may even crash when unable to handle the overflow of visitors!

So, before even you begin website promotion, ensure it is well-equipped and designed to handle the traffic, an essential aspect that can be taken care of by a good and reliable web hosting provider. Your web host will provide essential resources to your website so that any number of visitors will not lead to its crash and eventual loss of potential leads. We provide high-speed web hosting at a very low cost – $5.49/mo.

14.  Infographics

Infographics are a great method to represent information and ideas in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format. They’re a great method to grab your target audience’s attention and increase your marketing efforts because they’re eye-catching, colorful, and simple to share and read. 

There are numerous reasons why you should use digital marketing infographics in your website promotion. They can create leads and boost the backlink profile to increase your website’s conversion rate.

Infographics can be shared on numerous platforms such as within the content, on social media, and used in various other digital marketing channels. Here’s an example of an Infographic image related to Signs to Upgrade Your Hosting.


7 Signs to Upgrade Your Hosting

15.  Forum Submission

Online forums such as Reddit and Quora can be excellent platforms to subtly promote your website by mentioning the website in a discussion on a relevant topic. Visit the forum regularly, beginning useful discussions and leaving thoughtful comments. Occasionally share the anchored link to the website when it fits well into the conversation; never be offensive or off-topic.

16.  Yellow Pages

‘Yellow Pages,’ a type of business telephone directory, was in a rage a few years ago, but slowly internet began to phase it out. But still, it can be used to market your business by applying the latest ideas of website promotion. You can buy box ads to market your business, though it primarily contains phone listings.

Customers often refer to Yellow Pages to look for business information; this can provide more exposure than other directories. Advertising in local Yellow Pages/ other directories can be a useful supplement to a larger ad campaign or a crucial means of advertising for small businesses.

17.  Google My Business

Having a Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business) is crucial in attracting new clients to your company or website. In addition, creating a free Google profile is a terrific method to boost your visibility across all Google’s services. For example, Google Search, Maps, and Google Shopping display your Google Business Profile information.

Google is the greatest search engine whose reference is trusted by most people globally, hence truly effective whether you’re seeking foot traffic for your local business or web traffic for your website. A Google Business Profile makes it easier for customers to locate your company when seeking similar items and services in their region. Your local SEO will also benefit from a Google Business Profile.

18.  Product Hunt

Product Hunt is an online community-based website that is a perfect launchpad for new products, services, or websites by providing the opportunity to get honest reviews from the first real users, which is critical in the early phases of campaigns. In addition, product Hunt connects product developers with consumers who want to try out innovative items in their early stages.

Product Hunt is a free service. Having your product published on Product Hunt is a wonderful way to get collaboration opportunities, increased on-site visits, and additional publicity on publications like TechCrunch.

19.  Create a Free Resource 

Creating free resources involves the process of developing informative content based on your company’s brand or your website’s basic service/product and making it available to the public for free. If you focus on providing informative content to your audience through pdf, downloadable content, or YouTube series, you will benefit from this.

Determine the type of material you want to create and include infographics so that accessing information is straightforward and the audience will be attracted to your brand. In addition, it will allow you to interact with people and include connections to your products and services to lead them back to your website.



Website promotion is a continuous process that requires planning, networking, and presence to maximize your reach. It takes time to see how the implementation of the above-listed ideas can yield desired results and create an impressive online presence for your business and brand. 

From SEO to social media, the combined implementation of these options is an effective way to get your website the maximum audience and great desired ROI for you.

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