How to backup photos and contacts with a backup and cyber protection solution?

Why cybersecurity is important

The ever-evolving digital world has made people dependent on cell phones for their day-to-day activities like shopping, paying bills, learning, navigation, medical consultation, accessing official data, etc. This trend has given a golden opportunity for hackers to launch sophisticated cyber attacks for stealing personal and official data by tricking mobile users. Users may find it difficult to identify the traps set for them due to the small size of the mobile screens and the almost perfect page spoofing by hackers. Data is precious for not only mobile users but also hackers. Therefore, users must adopt security measures to protect their data from cyberattacks and backup crucial data  to recover it after an unfortunate incident of a data leak.

Why backup is important

If there is no backup, a mobile user will never be able to retrieve and restore lost or stolen data. Below are some reasons that make backup unavoidable.

Smartphone replacement

Mobile phones can get damaged, lost, or stolen along with the entire collection of valuable data. Keeping a backup of data will help easily restore data to a new mobile. It saves data, time, and costs for a user if he purchases a new phone.

Preventing data loss

Mobile users use their phones for entertainment and recording important events or moments. However, these data are also prone to get lost or deleted easily. If a mobile user has a proper backup of his data, he can easily retrieve unintentionally deleted data.

Malware attacks

Without cyber protection, mobile phones are susceptible to malware, ransomware, and virus attacks. These attacks are launched to steal user credentials and valuable data. While cyber protection can protect these data from a hacker, they cannot restore data if it is lost. Only a safe backup will be able to restore stolen data.

Acronis offers a complete backup solution for mobiles. The Acronis Mobile Backup App for Android phones provides accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and security. It is a free app that enables mobile users to back up all essential data. If a user loses data, he can use the app to restore his Android device easily.  You can backup photos, videos, and contacts with Acronis Mobile.

How to backup contacts, photos, and videos

Using Acronis, a user can take backup of mobile data in his personal computer or the cloud.

How to backup mobile data to a personal computer

Step1: Download the Acronis True Image for Android Devices app from the Google play store and install it.

Step 2: Open the Acronis True Image app on the phone and select ‘Back up to PC’.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Request Download Link’. On your PC, open the email message that contains the download link for Acronis True Image. Download and install Acronis True Image on your PC by following the directions in the email.

Step 4: Launch Acronis True image on your PC. Click on ‘Register’ and follow the on-screen instructions to register for an Acronis Cloud account. Then sign into the account with the new username and password.

Step 5: In the Acronis True Image application window on your PC, switch to the Dashboard Tab. Then click ‘Mobile Device Backup’. A new “Scan QR Code” prompt will appear in the Acronis True Image window.

Step 6: In your phone, tap ‘I Already Have It’. Make sure that your PC and your phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and router. Then tap ‘Scan QR Code’.

Step 7: Scan the QR code from the PC using your phone. The user needs to use the QR code only once to pair the phone and computer. After pairing, the phone will connect to the PC automatically every time the phone connects to the user’s home Wi-Fi network.

Step 8: After the ‘Data to Back Up’ screen appears on the phone, select the data you want to back up. Then tap ‘Back Up Now’.

Step 9: Wait for Acronis True Image to retrieve the data from your Android and store the backup on the destination PC. A green checkmark will appear on the mobile screen once the backup and transfer are finished.

How to backup mobile data to the cloud

Step1: Download the Acronis True Image for Android Devices app from the Google play store and install it.

Step 2: Start the Acronis Mobile app on your phone and tap ‘Back up to Cloud’.

Step 3: Tap on the ‘Register’ button. Then follow the on-screen directions and register a new Acronis Cloud account.

Step 4: Next log in to your Acronis Cloud account using your username and password. Then select the data you want to back up and click ‘Back Up Now’.

Step 5: Wait for the Acronis Mobile app to back up the files securely in the Acronis Cloud. Once the backup operation is complete, a green checkmark will appear on the Acronis Mobile app screen.

How to backup WhatsApp messages

Acronis True Image can help if you are looking for a secure way to back up your WhatsApp messages. The mobile user can use Acronis software to secure backups of his messages in the Acronis Cloud.

To move your WhatsApp messages to the cloud, follow these steps:

Step 1: Use the WhatsApp app on your Android phone to create and store a backup of your messages in your Google Drive account.

Step 2: Go to your Google Drive account and download the WhatsApp backup data file to your personal computer.

Step 3: After downloading the WhatsApp backup file, launch Acronis True Image on your computer and select ‘Backup’ from the main menu on the left side of the window.

Step 4:  Move the cursor over the ‘Entire PC’ graphic and click ‘Change Source’ when the text appears.

Step 5:  Select ‘Files and Folders’. Browse to and select the folder in which you have saved your WhatsApp messages. Select all the required files in the folder, and then click ‘OK’.

Step 6:  Click on ‘Back Up Now’ and select ‘OK’. A green checkmark will appear after Acronis True Image finishes uploading the backup files to the Acronis Cloud servers.

Acronis Cyber Protection and Backup for Mobiles

Acronis offers you the best mobile data protection beyond backup with cyber protection. It helps organizations and individual mobile users to remain protected from sophisticated cyberthreats, hardware failure, and simple human errors which otherwise can be devastating. With Acronis you  get:

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